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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Yoga Isn't Hot Anymore

In addition to my 5 sun salutations every morning (see my Yoga Pete post on my other blog for the full story), I have been attending "hot yoga" classes one night per week in order to help my body flush out toxins.  (It's actually called "Bikram Yoga", but I'm sure my yoga school didn't pay for the franchise and that's why they call it "hot yoga".)  They heat up the room to encourage sweating as you do the moves.  I normally love hot yoga!  I am one of these people who is always cold, so it feels good to me to be in a heated room while exercizing.

The other night however, it was dissappointing.  Yoga classes are not all created equal, apparently.  The lady who normally teaches my class was not there so we had a substitute.  She looked like a college student and she seemed to be trying to outdo us with her difficult moves.  We did too many knee-on-the-floor exercizes so my knees were killing me!  Then, she had us do some painful moves up against the wall.  Normally, I do not have strong feelings towards inanimate objects but I started to absolutely hate that wall!  Also, this girl had music playing the whole time.  (The other lady only puts it on at the end when we are resting after the work-out.)  I found the music distracting and annoying.  Also, we usually have a cold rag, soaked in lavendar water put on our heads at the end.  After a hot yoga workout, this is totally refreshing and I love it.  Well, this girl didn't do that.  Boooo! 

The result was that instead of feeling relaxed at the end, I felt more stressed than I did before the class.  Usually, yoga makes me feel great!  After a good yoga class, I find I breathe a little easier, walk a little taller, and have more room for joy.  It makes my life feel easier.  Not this class though!  Next time, I'll call ahead and see who's teaching the class before I go.

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