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Saturday, May 15, 2010

No-Milk Shake

I seem to be on a banana kick lately so I'll share with you another delicious, sweet alternative.  Banana No-Milk shake!  You won't believe how good this tastes.  It's just as good as any milkshake you've ever had.  The cool thing is that it's healthy enough to have for breakfast too.  (Warning:  the sugar-content is high.  It's fruit sugar, but those who are sugar-sensitive should watch portions.)

Banana No-Milk Shake
1 Banana
a handful of almonds
5 or 6 dried dates
water and ice

Blend the almonds with about a cup of water.  It will get milky-white and slightly frothy.  Then, add the banana and the dates.  Blend well.  Add ice to the desired consistency (usually about a cup).  Pour into a glass and enjoy!
Serves 1 

Even though it's really simple and there are only 3 real ingredients, it's still amazingly delicious and plenty sweet even though there is no added sugar.  Dates and bananas are crazy sweet!