The road to wellness isn't straight, clear, or predictable. It's a path you forge yourself.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Diet and Progress

I stopped posting my menus b/c I don't think anyone is all that interested.  You get an idea of the things one eats on a no-grain, no-sugar diet, right?  Basically, I'll eat the same thing this week with minor variations.  (Like I'll have lamb instead of steak and this week's soup is lentil instead of chicken.)  I posted 5 days worth of meals if anyone wants to try this diet.

When I weighed myself at the gym on Saturday and my weight was 176.  (Down from 178.)  Okay, so 2 pounds isn't much but I'll take it!  Plus, I did cave in and eat some rice cakes.  This coming week, I'll be more careful about grains and I'm sure the weight will come off more quickly. 


  1. Even though I may not respond or comment much, I totally appreciate the time you take to create this blog. I have started cooking! Shocking, isn't it!!?? and trying to make sure meals are more healthy for me and the fam!
    I am using your ideas to help with things to make here!

  2. Thanks, Christi! I'll keep posting but maybe not what I eat every day. Good for you with the cooking! Keep it up! Even junk food is way healthier when you cook it yourself. (No preservatives and colorings and things.) Yay!

  3. I've been watching, too. :) I've recommended you to friends, also!