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Monday, April 5, 2010

Needles and Chips

Well, today was my 3rd session at the acupuncturist's.  I'm used to the drill now.  This time, he put extra needles in my neck because I told him I'm having tightness in my shoulders.  (I ALWAYS have tightness in my shoulders.  I hold a lot of tension there and they seem to be up in my ears most of the time.)  Also, he gave me some therapeutic cream to put on my neck to loosen the muscles.  (Kinda like a natural Icy-Hot.)

I have not had a headache since my first acupuncture session on Tuesday.  It has almost been a week now and that's the longest I've gone without a headache in several months!  Is it wrong to be in love with your acupuncturist?  ;-)

A friend of mine posted a recipe for kale chips on  her blog.  I made them tonight and they were fantastic!  I did not expect them to be so light and crispy.  I totally pigged out on them, but didn't feel too bad because it's kale!  The more kale you eat the better, right?  Seriously, try this.  It's an easy, painless way to get your veggies.

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