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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Possible Help for Women Migraine Sufferers

I am so excited because I found this book that has some ideas for naturally healing migraines.  I don't know if it will work, and I'm certainly not recommending that you do these things.  However, you may want to discuss these things with your doctor and perhaps get your hormones tested.

In the book, it says that 10 times more women have migraines than men and 80% of these are due to a lack of progesterone.  Apparently, during days 14-28 of your cycle, progesterone levels drop off which can cause migraines along with PMS symptoms.  (In fact, most women who have PMS also have migraines.  Hmmm.)
Anyway, the book suggests that taking 50 mg progesterone supplements during days 14 - 28 of your cycle may help stop migraines.  (Note:  Only bio-identlical progesterone.  Synthetic progesterone doesn't work the same way and can have side effects.)  Also, it advises other various supplements.  I had heard that some migraines could be from a lack of Magnesium.  (Dr. Hyman covers this in his books.)

Here's what the book advises:
1.  50mg progesterone 2x per day.
2.  100mg of Magnesium 3x per day.
3.  Essential Fatty Acids:  Omega 3 + GLA + Oleic Acid
4.  Iodine - 12.5 mg per day.
5.  Vitamin D - 5000 IU per day.

Again, I am NOT saying you should just start taking these.  If you have migraines however, and you are a menstruating woman, you may want to show this to your doctor and ask what they think.  I know I'm going to!  Actually, my Functional Medicine Practitioner had already recommended most of these things to me so I'm already doing everything except the progesterone.  I'm going to get my levels tested and I'll be curious to see the result.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I could prevent any more migraines from happening by taking progesterone pills? 

Has anyone out there had any luck with taking progesterone to heal migraines?

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