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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Neti Pot Your Way to Good Sinus Health

Neti Pots are becoming more and more mainstream these days.  A few years back, Dr. Oz recommended them on the Oprah show and more people now than ever use them in this country.  I started using one years before Dr. Oz said anything and before most people knew what they were.

A neti pot is a little ceramic container with a spout that you fill with salt water and pour through one side of your nose.  The water comes out the other side.  This sounds horrific, but it really is more effective than most sinus medications.  If you have chronic sinus issues, this may be for you.  I have found it very helpful.  In addition to giving up dairy, this has really made a big difference to my sinuses.  I used to get at least 2 sinus infections every year (sometimes, up to 4!) and now I don't get them at all.  It makes sense because the neti pot washes the irritants away.  The first time I used it, all this black stuff came out.  I think it was years of black eyeliner built up in my sinuses.  Eek! 

Are there any other neti pot believers out there?

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